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Fasting – week 20

3rd of March 2021 – Saturday – 67.1 kg

I think I just committed to 365 days of drawing :)) I will have a new routine for my evenings, drawing and writing ๐Ÿ™‚ I think I can do it, I am quite organized and I enjoy both activities. Regarding the kilograms, I am retaining water because I am eating saltier than usual. I am splurging a little because of Easter number 1. We are celebrating 2 Easters so I am enjoying traditional food and some Soda ๐Ÿ˜› I am still exercising, I had a full week. I will pause running because the weather will be really bad next 2 weeks. It will snow, that bad. I will continue to use Youtube for low-impact cardio (Body Project)  and I will integrate yoga. Yesterday I think I injured my shoulder a little, I will take a break until Monday ๐Ÿ™‚ 

4th of March 2021 – Sunday – 67.3 kg

I love Easter! We had so much fun at home. Yesterday we split a beer and play cards, I practiced my drawing and just chilled. Today I drew all day. I applied what I learned yesterday and I am so happy with the results! I love that I am at that level when I can be proud of my work and not criticize myself every step of the way. I admit that my weight loss helped a lot to my self-esteem and that helped me be more confident. I am having a moment of gratitude, I am so grateful for taking the steps to better myself. 

5th of March 2021 – Monday – 67.2 kg

I exercised for one hour today. I am really proud, I adore low-impact cardio, I am also grateful for having the time to do it. I also did some yoga after, maximum of ten minutes because my legs were shaking a little. I watched anime during the workout, which makes things so enjoyable. I am in my luteal phase so I am hungry all the time. I had to increase my calories because I was starving last night. I went back to normal today, I also burned around 400 calories during my workout. I will have some wine and popcorn tonight. On Friday we ordered my new coffee machine! I am curious and excited because I will also have Caramel Latte Machiatto, with matching cups, of course :)) I will enjoy my days on my balcony, I will have my coffee and draw. The drawing is going ok, I am on my 3rd day. Tomorrow I will have a big report to make, I really hope I can manage it and study my Java script after ๐Ÿ™‚

6th of March 2021 – Tuesday – 67.3 kg

I am so tired. I had a lot of things to do at work, tomorrow I will go to the office so I will have a full day. I also cleaned and cooked because I missed my tomato soup. Today I did not exercise but I cleaned so it is ok because it counts as a workout. At lunch, I had baked potatoes and a big salad and I will have some pizza and wine in the evening. I managed to do my daily drawing so now I am free, I will be able to just stay after I finish the dishes. I will sleep like a baby ๐Ÿ˜›

7th of March – Wednesday – 67.2 kg

I was in the office today, I walked a little, colored my hair red and now I am ready to relax. Because I was not at home, I drank too little water ๐Ÿ˜ฆ this is not ok, I just forgot because it was a busy day. I go to the office only when I have to send important stuff and I get really agitated in order to finish everything. I will go now, have a hot chocolate. I need that after the day I had. ๐Ÿ™‚ 

8th of March – Thursday – 67.3 kg

Today was awesome! I had a lot to do at work but after, I managed to work out, study and draw. I exercised a little, only half an hour because I am PMS-ing and I feel a little lazy, my body needs some rest. I also feel like a balloon, women know how that feels. Here was snowing all week so I could not go out and run. We will try this Saturday, maybe the weather will be better, at least for a while. I do not know what happened to my weight, I am not overeating, I am still fasting so I will just wait for my body to get into its own rhythm. I think I will only buy forest fruits because I am tired of apples ๐Ÿ™‚ I need an apple break. I think I will exercise on Saturday or Sunday if we wonโ€™t go outside and run. Today I managed to drink my usual 2l of water, in the last week that was not possible, I think my maximum was 1.5l. I think my body is confused because itโ€™s April and itโ€™s snowing :))

9th of March 2021 – Friday – 67.1 kg

I think the secret in my case is water intake. I have to start drinking water early, somehow that will dictate my whole day. I started to drink coffee again, I also have my own machine so this helps a lot to my digestion, especially during this period, when my progesterone level is rising. I have to admit I love coffee, today I will look for a decaf alternative, just in case. I do not want to drink too much coffee, but I am in love right now. Tomorrow we will go running, I am so happy and excited! I want to work out on Sunday too, I will see. I saw that they added more workouts on Fiton, I miss yoga so maybe that will be my exercise of choice. 

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