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Fasting – week 19

27th Of March 2021 – Saturday – 67.7 kg

I had some health issues so I retained water, I needed time to get back to health so losing weight was not essential. I am still counting calories and I also workout yesterday in order to try to feel better. We had to postpone running because we did not feel well and today the weather is colder so we will go running next week. I hope the weather will be better and we can also go for walks during the holiday. Tomorrow I will exercise and play, I will also study because I already skipped 2 days this week. Today I will have my drawing class, I am waiting now for the zoom class to start. Hoping for the best!

28th of March 2021 – Sunday – 67.6 kg

I am not happy with the numbers but I am recovering after my health issue. My husband told me that you get into a balanced state, at one point so I hope running will help. I am not planning to get to 60 kg by my birthday because it’s a dangerous game to play, I do not want to get extra competitive and eat less. I want to keep my calories and what I eat balanced. I will keep exercising but I want to listen to everybody that said that weight loss should be a healthy process. 

29th of March 2021-  Monday – 67.4 kg

Today we had to run some errands so we woke up early and walked a little around town. We were supposed to go running but I was not able to do that. I will run tomorrow and the day after tomorrow and the next day we will go and walk to the park and around the park. I am planning to make some sandwiches and have a small picnic on a bench. I had an insomnia episode last night and I was awake between 2 and 6. I love my podcasts! They kept me company and I had time to put my ducks in a row. I feel that I needed that, some time to analyze and put my thoughts in order. Regarding the weight, this was this morning, after a 2-hour nap, it showed 67.2 kg. My health issues are ok now and I think my water retention will go away soon (and will come back the next week :)) )

30th of March 2021 – Tuesday –  66.9 kg 

It seems that my body is back to normal 🙂 I think mentally I am also good. I love to see progress. Today we went running, the last time I was running was 4 or 5 years ago. I used to smoke and I was also a little chubby back then so I hated every second of it. Today was awesome. My body was in shock, I could not breathe well but I managed to finish 2km. We were changing from a power walk to running because I could not breathe but I loved it. I hoped I will be better at running but I have to take it slow, baby steps. I cannot wait to run 2 km without breaks! Maybe in one month or two. We will go running again tomorrow, I am quite excited and I feel proud of myself. 

31st of March 2021 – Wednesday – 67.4 kg

I had salty popcorn so I am retaining water like crazy. We went running so after 2 km of walk/run, I had 67.2 kg. I will see in the next few days how things go. I am excited because Easter is almost here so I made a menu, I will prepare the food for the special weekend and just enjoy it.  I will prepare burgers, fish, I am so happy and excited. I bought Tiramisu cake as dessert, maybe next Easter(Orthodox one ) I will make some cheesecake. I am exercising, learning, practicing drawing so I am a little short on time. I love that we are on holiday and we had time to walk, speak, stay in nature. I will take my sketchbook with me tomorrow, we will go for a walk, eat a sandwich and enjoy the park 🙂 I planted some flowers that are Bee friendly, can’t wait to see them grow!

1st of April 2021 – Thursday – 67.4 kg

I am extra sleepy today. I did my calculation wrong and I am ovulating so that is why I am retaining water like crazy. :)) I was getting worried. We went for a walk, almost 11 km and it was amazing. I love this city and the parks. I also had my favorite frozen yogurt and enjoyed a homemade sandwich on a bench, in the park. Our day was amazing, I was so happy I did not even know what the time was. I had a shock at 2 PM when I looked at the time :)) I am still counting calories, today we walked and tomorrow will be yoga time. I love our holiday!

2nd of April 2021 – Friday – 66.8 kg

Nice numbers this morning. I love to see that on a scale but I am trying to keep a healthy relationship with my scale. I am quite excited this morning, I will cook for Easter and I want to make the best of it. I will have a yoga session with my friend today. I am so excited to show her some moves. I am also a little emotional because I never did yoga that way and I will try my best to be beginner-friendly. I think today I will only do yoga and tomorrow I will try to do one hour of low impact cardio with weights, I skipped that because I run this week and also walked a lot. I will be on my feet all day so I will have mercy with myself 🙂 

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