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Fasting – week 18

20th of March 2021 – Saturday – 67.4 kg

I can’t wait to get to 66, I believe this will be next week. I am quite sleepy now, I did not exercise but I studied a lot so I need to sleep. I am still sore from yesterday, I missed my strength workouts. I think I will exercise tomorrow, maybe some low-impact cardio.

21st of March 2021 – Sunday – 67.1

I had a huge breakfast and for lunch some fish and broccoli. This week I felt the need to eat more vegetables and I am quite happy that I managed to do this. I also made some cabbage carrot salats daily, had avocado toast, cucumber, and tomatoes. I also made my own tomato vegan soup, maybe next time I will try the mushroom soup. I am also drinking a lot of water, check my calorie budget, and enjoy this journey. I am happy with my decision and I am thankful every day for this journey, it helped me find so many things about myself. 

22nd of March 2021 – Monday – 67.3 kg

I ate late so I can see that on the scale. Today I was just walking, no workout, maybe tomorrow because my legs still feel so sore. I love low impact cardio, no jumping :)) I am quite tired, tomorrow I am working, last week before the holiday. I can’t wait to go outside and use my new running gear! Gabriel told me that maybe next weekend we can go out and run. I am quite curious to see how much I can run before I will be left without air. I am so happy! I will update you on how that will go!

23rd of March 2021 – Tuesday – 67.2 kg

Today I had no time to workout, I had a lot to do at work and I had to study, draw and read. I managed to walk a little around the block because I need to buy bread. I am still sore, I think I will exercise tomorrow for an hour, I want to do some strength exercises and low impact cardio. I am still measuring my food, quite excited about this. I am thinking about my deadline, 60 kg by my birthday. I will not be sad if I will not weigh 60 by my birthday. I think my lesson was to find a new lifestyle. This was the gift for me, from the universe 😛 I am excited to eat like this, drink my water, run, workout, and also feel good about my body. I will also have a watercolor class this weekend, I am so happy! 

24th of March 2021 – Wednesday – 

Today was a full day! Workout, walking and dancing for one hour. The dancing part was not planned. I am quite happy about this, I think I will change my workout routine. I used to workout around 40 minutes, 4 times per week. I think I will exercise 3 times per week, between 1 hour and 1 hour and a half. I do not know how I will include running, I will see that soon because the weather is improving and we will go outside more. Next week we are on holiday so I expect more walks and workouts.

25th of March 2021 – Thursday – 67.2 kg

I had a few personal issues today and I was not in a mood to do a lot of stuff in the morning. In the afternoon ‘I  manned up’ and enjoyed our first free afternoon, made a small party, had pizza, chips, and sweets. I forgot to mention wine 😛 We went for a long walk, party and movie. I had fun. Tomorrow, in the afternoon, we will go outside and run, I am happy because I love my new running shoes and I love the sun! Here is Spring right now so I am planning to enjoy it every day.

26th of March 2021 – Friday – 67.3 kg

I was curious why am I not losing weight. Except for last night, I ate the same number of calories so I thought I hit a plateau phase but I think I was ovulating and retaining water. It is really complicated to lose weight as a woman :)) I was not worried about gaining weight because my pants are looser and looser. I will have to order new jeans at the end of this journey. I am excited about going out and running, I am bored of HIIT and inside cardio, after one year, a change of scenery is needed.

Photo by Brigitte Tohm on Unsplash

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