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My lose weight journey – halfway there

I feel lucky that I used apps to monitor my weight loss because now I have data to analyze.

I did not think about this when I started. Today I am thanking Past Me because I am in the middle of my weight loss journey and I have the possibility to see how I got here.

I started to want to lose weight last year, in March. I worked out with Fiton app for 10 months, I lost some weight and then I put some back because I was still eating a lot. I am still using the app, I love it, it is an amazing tool if you also watch how much you eat. 

I started intermittent fasting – 16 – 8 – you eat all you want for 8 hours and fast for 16. This helped me a lot to manage my late-night craving and to drink more water. I started fasting on the 28th of November, I was almost 74 kilograms. When I started to mention my weight in the diary, I was 73 kilograms. I think in those 3 days I ate less, starved myself a little, something I would not recommend. 

 I did intermittent fasting until the 8th of February when I started to measure my food. My weight was 69.6 kilograms so Fasting helped me lose around 4.4 Kilograms in around 3 months. 

I was working out, have a lot of water and but I think I was eating more than I should. During this time, my views about food were still distorted. I was still seeing food in black and white – some foods are good, some are bad.

Because I was watching things about fasting, YouTube suggested some videos from the fitness community and that really changed my life regarding weight loss. I started to monitor my calorie intake on the 8th of February because one of the creators was insisting on the miracle of a calorie budget. Watching them made me heal my relationship with food, now I know there is no bad or good food, the key is the amount of food you eat.

I was starting to develop a little binge eating problem, I think that was because I was trying to eat less (a common mistake) and I would binge when I was getting really hungry. 

On the 8th of February, my weight was 69,6. Today, after 40 days, I lost 2.5 kilograms. I am still fasting, not so strict because I know now that it is not ok to eat as much as you want. It is not about when and what you eat, it is about how much you eat. 

I have to mention that during my calorie count period, I ate pizza, pasta, burgers, ice cream, things that used to be ‘bad food’ for me. I will still measure my food after I will get to my goal weight because I think I need to do this until I will know how much food my body needs.

Today I am at a crucial point in my journey and I am more than grateful. I lost almost 7 kilograms and I have 7 kilograms left to lose. If you feel that you need to do a change in order to do happy with yourself, give yourself a chance and make a small step. It is priceless.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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