Fasting – week 17

13th of March 2021 – Saturday – 67.7 kg

Today I was in a big shop that is specialized in exercise gear and clothes. I went full-on :))  I  bought everything I need for running:  shoes, T-shirts, pants, shorts. I had fun. My husband got some running T-shirts because we will run together. I am really excited, right now is too cold to go running outside but it showed that the weather will improve when we will be on holiday, so we can go out and have fun. I also walked a lot so I will not exercise. I am feeling sore already so I will leave my body to heal for 2 days. 

14th of March 2021 – Sunday – 67.9 kg

I feel like a balloon so the number on my scale is surprising. It is ok, I know why I am feeling like this. I have so many reasons to be proud today, that this doesn’t matter. Today I did 50 minutes of low impact cardio, in my new equipment and burned almost 300 calories. Another reason is that we ordered food and I did not overeat, I ate like a normal person, without being breathless after that. I think this is a big mental win, I used to enjoy food so much that I would eat way too much and feel tired and moody after.

15th of March 2021 – Monday – 67.8 kg

OMG! It is amazing. I was here waiting for the time frame when I will retain a lot of water, I was expecting over 68 kg and nothing! Apparently, 67.8 is that weight and after my period I will be skinnier. I know the number is not important, I feel the need to mention that I am not starving myself, I am eating on a calorie budget(that I increase according to my menstrual cycle phases).

Today I woke up happy, learned a few hours, and in the afternoon I gave myself a haircut and a new pink hair color. Quite excited, I started working on my future article regarding things I learned before being 30 and I feel really lucky. 

16th of March 2021 – Tuesday –  68.1 kg

This was a weird month, my emotions were all over the place but I did not overeat, I did not overindulge with chocolate. I hope my kilograms will go back to normal starting next week and I hope tomorrow I will be better, not so tired, lazy and annoyed :)) My husband is amazing, I am so grateful for his calm and attention. I am quite short today because I was in pain so, I did not work out, I spend time at work and then painting and drawing. I am quite happy now because I made popcorn and I will have a salty snack 🙂

17th of March 2021 – Wednesday – 67.4 kg

OMG! I feel happy to see that I lose weight and I do not feel like I am restricting myself from food. I am proud that I am not overeating, I am not feeling full after I eat and I am also not starving myself. This journey helped me to fix my relationship with food, find myself, and evolve. This month I found my love for low-impact cardio and my desire to go out and run. I am on an exercise break so I am excited to finish it and work-out. Running is not possible yet, here is still snowing.

18th of March 2021 – Thursday – 67.5 kg

Still on my exercise break, tomorrow I will exercise and also do some yoga, I miss it. I will exercise with house chores because I want to vacuum and clean a little, after I will go to the store and get some food. I want to do my own Tomato Basil soup, a vegan version.  Yesterday I had pizza and pasta, I love to eat my favorite food in normal portions. I saw that my period pain decreased, I saw online that there is a correlation between weight and pain but it is still under research. I lost 2.5 kg since exactly this day, one month ago, I changed a little what I eat and I also check my menstruation phase to see if my cravings are correct. I love this calorie budget thing.  

19th of March 2021 – Friday – 67.1 kg

Today is a good day! I will exercise this afternoon, I miss my Dumbbell exercises and yoga. Regarding my weight, I am more than excited! I am losing weight and I am eating what I want but in smaller portions. I think this is the secret to happiness. I am kidding but it is quite satisfying. I will prepare a bigger article for Monday, I want to look over my weight journey and see how much fasting or measuring my food helped. I am already excited about that.

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

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