Fasting – week 16

6th of March 2021 – Saturday – 68.1kg

I love to see progress. I am excited about the future, my app is estimating that I will get to 60 kg by May so “Yay me!”. These things are the ones that make me feel so grateful every day. I feel that I am still discovering myself and it is a little hard mentally but I am happy that I am not going to food for comfort. I love to measure my fruits and eat them during the day, I think this is a great tip for anyone who is measuring food. Today we went for a walk and shopping, no workout today, maybe tomorrow morning.  

7th of March 2021 – Sunday – 67.8kg

This is so awesome! I am really happy with this outcome! This weekend we played WOW and chilled around the apartment, no workouts, only some stretching, and a walk yesterday. I am rested, somehow I managed to do also some javaScript lessons, I am starting to love this so much. Tomorrow I will be up at 6:45, it will be half of a full day, I just hope I will manage to accomplish everything. I hope I will also work out, I will see how much I will walk during my chores. 

8th of March 2021 – Monday – 67.9 kg

I am really sleepy again. I was walking all morning, this is a good thing because I count that as exercise. I walked around 7 km and then I was in the kitchen for one hour making a pizza and counting calories. I really hope my math was correct :)) I want to go to the park and run but right now is really cold and I do not have running clothes. I want to go with Gaby, maybe next week the weather will improve. I am kinda tired of cardio so I will try to switch it with running during the summer. The last time I went running, I was a smoker, with no muscles and no resistance, so I was almost dead after 3 minutes. I am quite curious how I will feel this time. I used to hate that “near-death” feeling, after the 3 minutes. I will update you! 

9th of March 2021 – Tuesday – 68 kg

I am not worried, soon I will retain more water and after that, I will be ok again. Every month is the same thing. I am really happy with my evolution, mentally helps a lot. The overall feeling is love for myself and my body. I used to do facemasks and bubble baths – this was for me the definition of self-love. I still do that but now I understand that there is more. I like that I eat less, I did not binge and I love that I have a lot of vegetable soup! I am excited that Gaby is also eating this, I like that he is also losing weight and I can’t wait to go out running!!! I think I will look for some shorts on Amazon.

10th of March 2021 – Wednesday – 67.9 kg

I am so happy I found Pilates Cardio today. I am so over TABATA and HIIT these days. I am tired of normal cardio, I will go running when the weather will improve because I really need a change in my routine. I guess I will stay with Cardio Pilates for a while. I want to be more active outdoor but now the weather is really cold, like winter 2.0. I will also have to go to a store with fitness clothes because I need running shorts. I am really happy that I am this type of person now 🙂 Outdoor workout person 😀

11th of March 2021 – Thursday – 67.7 kg

I hope things will go back to normal soon. I have to admit that my PMS will start soon so my scale will go wild again. It is ok because I am monitoring my food intake, so I know it is not me. Today I made 1 hour-long, low-impact cardio. It was challenging but amazing. I plan to do this again, I was also watching a youtube video so this made stuff so much fun. I am happy and proud of myself because I did manage to finish the workout. I would recommend anyone to try this, they are available free, on youtube, there are so many options! Now I want to relax because I need to! Have a nice evening!

12th of March 2021 – Friday – 67.8 kg

Today I was out with some papers, worked in my kitchen for an hour, cleaned and I am really tired. I wanted to exercise but after yesterday, I needed a break, a chill day. I will be bloated and my scale will be different in the following week so I am preparing mentally. I am still counting calories, I like to do it, I see the results in my clothes. I am really excited, I think we will go tomorrow to buy running stuff.

Photo by Mathilde Langevin on Unsplash

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