Crush Diets – random thoughts

I was watching a documentary about Crush Diets and that inspired me.

For me, losing weight is like quitting smoking. I’d rather measure my calories and work out than be fat and complain, or worst, eat only cabbage soup or drink maple syrup water for 10 days.

It is amazing for me how desperate we are for short-term results. Losing weight is somehow easy, it is easy if you understand how it works and if you fix your relationship with food. I think also the emotional side should be managed, understood. Being kind to yourself when you need something sweet, in a hard moment, is an essential key. 

I try not to make an obsession with my scale because I am retaining water most of the time, especially around ovulation and PMS. I was struggling but now, because I know I am measuring my calories, I am more relaxed. 

I lost 5 kg since November, I am quite proud because during this time I also picked up a lot of good habits. I am not judging sweets anymore, I enjoy my candy with limits, I eat a lot of vegetables and vegetable soups, I am drinking a lot of water and I am working out regularly. 

I do not have a cheat day or meal because all food is good and if you eat normal portions, you do not need that. I think changing small stuff at a time makes a difference in the long run. When you finish a crash diet, you get back to drinking a lot and eat like usually, no time to pick-up good habits, check labels and understand how much you used to eat.

Somehow is amazing to see people lose so much in a short time, I understand why people are choosing that. I also used to lose weight when I was cutting out sugar for 2-3 weeks and after, have a big binge and let it go :). This is why now I have patience and try a different route this time.

Photo by Diana Polekhina on Unsplash

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