Fasting – week 15

27th of February 2021 – Saturday – 68,6 kg

I had a late night last night :)) I went to bed at 3 AM and woke up at 11 AM. Today was a day of chilling and enjoyment. We went to the supermarket, had late lunch, nothing special. I think I am still retaining water so I am not worried about the scale numbers. I also had late night champaign and candy 🙂 I did not binge, just a little sugar and alcohol 😛

28th of February 2021 – Sunday – 68.8 kg

I think I am ovulating so my water retention is present. I am drinking between 2 and 3 liters of water per day, reduced my salt intake so I know that is not that. I like that I am monitoring my food intake so I am not worried when I have a bad water retention day. I woke up with a small pain in my foot so I think I will workout on Tuesday because I do not want to force it, I want to get back to my workouts and yoga. I relaxed all day, nothing special. I changed my program so I will study during the week and have a break during the weekend. This is the first free weekend and I declare myself happy.

1st of March 2021 – Monday – 70 kg

I am like a water sponge right now. I had a long walk today, it was a perfect spring day. I got myself a coffee and just walked a little in the park, enjoying the sun. I am excited for tomorrow because I will workout. My leg felt ok today so I hope I will be able to exercise normally tomorrow. I have to admit that I really miss this. I saw that I have yoga, HIIT, fun stuff. I will try to avoid “downward facing dog” because I do not want to put pressure on my toes. I really am excited, I will also have to work but I will try to organize myself for March, I do not want to wait until the last week because I will be on holiday 🙂 

2nd of March 2021 – Tuesday – 69.3 kg

I love when I lose water. I know next week it will probably come back but I am ok. I love that this journey made me understand my body better, deal with water retention and learn so much about my hormones overall. It is important to understand what your body needs. I love that I did my exercises today, I am still avoiding “downward facing dog” because my feet did feel good yesterday.

3rd of March 2021 – Wednesday – 68.8 kg

Today I had an exercise break, I hope my feet will recover because I miss doing yoga normally, without trying to protect my feet. I am watching a lot a youtube, I also discovered “ 

ObesetoBeast” so I am enjoying learning more about nutrition and sustainable weight loss. I am still keeping a food journal, sometimes it is really annoying but it helps me a lot mentally. I am not making an obsession with this but it helps me understand how much I used to eat.  

4th of March 2021 – Thursday – 69 kg

I made a big oopsie :)) I put “active” in my calorie tracker, at lifestyle, but I guess we have different definitions :)) I was eating almost as much as I needed to maintain, not to lose weight. I guess I lost weight because I was not eating exactly as much as in the app. I still want to get at 60 kg for my birthday so I will have to take off 200 calories from the calorie budger and be more active. Today I burned around 350 calories so I am happy with this new start. I am happy that I noticed and that I still have time. Regarding my weight, no idea what is happening :)) we will see how this develops, I trust my body!

5th of March 2021 – Friday – 68.2 kg

Today I am back to normal, scale-wise. I am quite happy with this, which means the water is gone and I can see my evolution. Yesterday I was so happy to do my workouts, I can feel the results now. I also want to do some yoga today and maybe some HIIT, no idea. I hope I will have time, tomorrow I will workout more a little. I saw something named Re-spin on the app, it is new so maybe I will give it a  try. Tomorrow we will also go on a short walk, I hope the weather will be better. I am ok with my new calorie budget, yesterday I did not use it all because I did not feel the need. I also ate some Kinder :)) , I like that I can also eat sweets, in normal, small portions 🙂

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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