Fasting – week 14

20th of February 2021 – Saturday – 69 kg!!!!

Usually, I write for my blog at night, like a conclusion for the whole day. Today I am not doing that because I am too happy. I have 69 kg, so I guess 68,9 is the next amount I will see on my scale. I like to count calories in combination with fasting because I am starting to be more disciplined, I eat what I want but I do not feel guilty if I overeat, because I know I am eating within my Calorie Budget. I am also using recipes from “myfitnesspal”  blog  ( .  They are easy to make, taste good and I also have the nutrition details that I can add to my app. They also have an app to help but I like mine more because I got used to it. Now I will go get dressed and go for a big walk with Gabriel.

21st of February 2021 – Sunday – 68.8 kg

Omg! I am so happy!  68.8 is an important milestone in my journey. I am so excited because things start to be so real. I have to admit that, during PMS, I always feel a little weird because I do not know how much is water retention. I recommend you checking the relationship between the menstruation cycle and weight loss, it was eye-opening for me. I also read about this a few days ago so I am still fascinated. I do not feel bad anymore that sometimes I did yoga instead of Tabata, I had pizza instead of salad. I am happy that I was listening to my body and I was aware of what it needs.

22nd of February 2021 – Monday – 68.6 kg

I am really happy. I love to see an evolution, I wore my old Jeans and they fit! Today I also struggled with eating my calories, I am amazed how much I can eat when I eat clean. Today I tried a soup from Edeka, it was Tomato Basil soup and it was amazing. I want Friday to come so I can go and buy more soups. This was a try but I will buy 2 types next time.  I love that they were Bio-Vegan soups. I also saw the vegetarian area, I will check it out more next time( until now I was not interested in that stuff). OMG! I am soooooo happy, I hope I will get to my goal weight really soon. I have almost 100 followers, I want to thank you! I will pop a Champaign and have a burger to celebrate my 100 followers’ achievement.  I wanted to have a blog since I was 14 and now I have a blog and readers. I feel that I am living my dream. Thank you!! 

23rd of February 2021 – Tuesday – 69.1 kg

I did not sleep well last night so now, after learning, cooking, work, I am done. I can barely keep my eyes open. I hope I will sleep better today. I had some salted peanuts yesterday so I retained a lot of water. I made some Peanut butter oats cookies, they are amazing. I am afraid to eat too much of them but I love them. Today I was craving ice cream and because we were lazy (Yay!),  I just had some cookies and everything was great again. I am so happy with them, I made a lot so we will have them in the house for a while. 

24th of February 2021 – Wednesday – 68.5 kg 

I love this journey! I wake up every morning really happy and I feel in charge. I enjoy measuring my food because I can eat all I want but I am aware of how many calories I am putting in my body. I do not know if this counts as self-care but for me it is. Somehow, this feels very empowering. I know that this can also go to the dark side, I saw online that people can get obsessed with it but I think this can happen with anything. My feet feel better so I can work out tomorrow, I think I will go for Pilates Advanced. I know it is hard but after one session of Pilates, I feel amazing. Everything hurts but I feel powerful! 

25th of February 2021 – Thursday – 68.3 kg

Oh my God! I am really excited! Going from 69 to 68.3 was so easy that I did not even saw it coming. I guess calorie counting really works. I found a really nice youtube channel –  My Thoughts Will Probably Offend You and the girl was insisting on that so I wanted to try it. Two weeks later, I can see that you can get results from this. I love to eat and I love that I can eat anything, I just have to respect my daily calorie intake. I did Pilates today, it makes me feel strong and gives me a good vibe. I am so happy that I will get my dream body as a birthday gift, I will also celebrate 2 years of non-smoking. I am quite proud of myself. I am also learning JavaScript, it is hard but I love the challenge 🙂

26th of February 2021 – Friday – 68.7 kg

I love Friday. Publishing my blog makes me so happy. I am looking forward to this all week. I am on a workout break, I have some issues with my feet because of a small workout accident so I will take my time. Maybe we will go for a walk this weekend so that will be ok. I am already sore from Pilates, I love that so much! I am still counting calories, which makes me more disciplined and I am still fasting. I think this is a perfect combination for me.

Photo by Moodywalk on Unsplash

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