Fasting – week 13

13th of February 2021 – Saturday – 69,2 kg

This is so amazing! Soon I will have 68 point something kg. So happy. I feel really motivated, it is like a checkpoint for me. I think is really important to celebrate small victories. Today I cleaned my closet and tried on all my dresses. They look so much better now because my thighs are slimmer, even my favorite jeans are perfect for me now. I am also proud that now I am wearing my “S” size home clothes. This is a major achievement for me. I love my life, I love how this feels, I think this helps me grow as a person and makes me want to achieve more. 

14th of February 2021 –  Sunday – 69,4 kg

I can’t wait to go back to normal and have a constant number on my scale. During this time I am struggling with all kinds of cravings, today I had a burger but that is ok because almost all last week we ate meat-free. I am also eating Kinder bars. I forgot to mention, 3 or 4 days ago I downloaded a caloric tracker and it is quite nice, helps a lot. I am still fasting (16-8), but the app helps me manage how much I eat. I have a calorie budget and I eat anything as long as I am in a deficit. I will give it a try and maybe it will stick.

15th of February 2021 – Monday –  70 kg

It is normal, I am full of water 😛 I have to admit it is not as worst as it used to be, because I am eating less salt but still, it is normal for my body to change. I am happy every day, wearing my “S” size clothing, it keeps me motivated. I am almost there, ⅓ of the road is almost done. I am still 10 kg to go but 4 are gone, I feel better and I feel fit.

16th of February 2021 – Tuesday – 69,6 kg

Long day today. I was at 8 at the Dentist’s office so I had to wake up at 7. I also had to go to the radiologist to give him some papers so I am just tired. I want to sleep. I am unable to exercise today and tomorrow, I hope I will have time to do all my 4 workouts for this week. I had to also buy food and make a menu for 2 days, until Friday. I hope I will get back to normal after this week, the scale makes me happy so I want to see the good news.

17th of February 2021 – Wednesday – 69.6 kg

I am ignoring the scale for a while :)) I will be interested in my scale next week, after all the water will go away. I feel good, I am tracking my calories and I think I used to have a binge eating problem.  I say “I used to” because now I am aware of it and when I track what I eat, I see how easy it is to eat more than 2000 calories per day. I am struggling a little, but I am measuring my portion, log it in my calorie app and pay attention. I went to the store and bought some Kinder bars because it is easier to track them. I wanted M&M’s but those are soo hard to track and I always overeat :)). One bag disappears in minutes. I hope to see the results next week, according to the app, I will be 60 kg by my birthday. I will wear my birthday pants and celebrate 2 years smoke-free!!!!

18th of February 2021 – Thursday – 70 kg

I am not surprised. Yesterday we had a tuna salad as lunch and in the afternoon we ate a lot of pizza because we were both hungry and our fridge was empty. I have to admit, the pizza was amazing. It was ok because we also had some leftover pizza for lunch. I have to remember that we can’t have just a salad, we are not that type of people :)) I like to track my calories, it is amazing how many calories I used to eat without blinking an eye. It is funny because I am working out for almost a year and 70% of the time I did not lose weight because I was overeating. I was stable for a while but not losing weight. Someone said that the scale is not important, I have to say that it is stupid to say that. I used to believe that I was building muscle, probably I was, but  I was also overeating. Now I try to eat around 1700 calories and it is ok but if I want sweets and I eat more than a portion (you have no idea how small they are), I can overeat. 

19th of February 2021 – Friday – 69,7 kg

I am so happy, I am getting back on track with my weight. I am still retaining water like crazy but that is ok, I will be better in a few days. I am really excited because I just finished my workout so my brain is swimming in dopamine. I love this feeling, makes me want to go and study, be active. Before my workout, I was kind of bored and tired because I woke up at 6 AM and it is raining, so I had nothing to get me excited. Today I will cook so this will make me relax and enjoy. I want to make Lentil Soup and Enchiladas, maybe eggs and avocado as a snack if I get extra hungry 🙂 Trying to avoid take-out, except if I will have 100 followers, then I will have burgers and wine! I already bought the wine :))

PS : An awesome podcast about weight loss and hormones in women’s case :

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