Fasting – week 12

6th of February 2021 – Saturday – 69.8 kg

I am really happy about this, I guess I will see more results after my water retention will go down. I am planning to eat more vegetarian things next week, we will try to eat less meat. It is hard because we usually eat a lot of meat and vegetables as side dishes. I found a cute vegetarian burger, with mushrooms, Mexican vegetarian pizza, vegetarian Buffalo wings. They all look amazing so I am pretty excited to cook them. I also have a lot of lentils and other beans from the last time I tried to eat healthier.  

7th of February 2021 – Sunday – 70.1 kg

I had a really late dinner. Learning is making me hungry, it is complicated because I learn in the afternoon and after, I want food. It is ok because I skip breakfast and go directly to lunch but the scale is always showing more.  I also start my day with tea so after I have my tea, the scale is not relevant. I will see how I will handle this in the future because I learn daily.

8th of February 2021 – Monday – 69,6 kg

New record! Pretty happy, I started to eat more vegetables today, I hope it will stick.:)) I made some peanut butter bars for my cravings. I will be short because I had a full day today and I am really tired.  I had time to exercise and I also walked 6 km so I am quite excited. We had vegetarian Shawarma for lunch, with mushrooms. I recommend it, it was amazing! 

9th of February 2021 – Tuesday – 69,5 kg

I am writing this in my best mood! I saw that my “M” size leggings are starting to be too big, also my lingerie was starting to feel loose so I ordered 2 pairs of leggings, size “S”, and, by mistake, lingerie size “XS”. Today everything arrived and all of them fit! I am so happy. At one point, I was scared that maybe they won’t fit, maybe I am not that small. I think I was an “M” for 5 or 6 years! I feel that all my work is paying off and this feels awesome! If you read this, do the step, choose to have the body you wish for!!!  You deserve to be proud of yourself! 

10th of February 2021 – Wednesday – 69,4 kg

I like that I am losing weight so fast. I will have a late dinner today and tomorrow I will not be so skinny like today :)) It is ok because tomorrow I will go to the office, so I will be more active. I have a lot to do so I will go dressed in a more casual outfit. Also, tomorrow the weather will be quite cold so I am not in the mood for a dress or skirt. I am really happy, I enjoyed eating more vegetables this week. Today I made a pizza, for tomorrow, and I do not have a lot of salami on it, mostly vegetables. 

11th of February 2021 – Thursday – 70? kg

I have no idea exactly how much I weigh today. I went to the office this morning, I woke up early and I went on the scale after having 300 ml of green tea so no idea. I am really tired because my bus was late so I had to wait 40 min, at -9 degrees Celsius. I am tired of cold for a while :))I was in the office and after I got home, I made a bubble bath and now I want to chill. I felt weird today because I missed coding. I think it is a good sign.

12th of February 2021 – Friday – 69.8 kg

My water retention is here and I will have an exact weight in a week after everything goes back to normal. I am quite happy that I am under 70 kg. I had nachos and some Pringles, I guess that salt did not help too much. I am craving salt and chocolate but those also help me emotionally so I am ok with that right now. I had a hard morning so I will skip my workout and have a nap, I want to be fresh for my online class.

Photo by Deniz Altindas on Unsplash

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