Fasting – week 11

30th of January 2021 – Saturday – 70,2 kg

I had a late diner last night and skipped breakfast today. At lunch, I had a lot of pizza :)) I hope I will not see the pizza on the scale tomorrow :)) I started to work out like before, doubled the time and daily yoga, so I am a little worried that this might impact my scale. I am seeing progress when I try clothes that used to stretch a lot on me and it is amazing. Last spring, before Corona, I ordered a lot of skirts and dresses. One of them was really thigh but now fits really nice. I admit that I still need to work until it will fit perfectly but the signs are amazing. 

31st of January 2021 – Sunday – 70,6 kg (not so accurate)

I knew I will get some scale weight because of the extra workouts. I will be constant and I know I will get again under 70kg. I have to admit that I also ate a lot this weekend, I guess those two together did not help the situation. :)) I will get back to normal tomorrow. I only increase my portion, I was fasting as usual. I like to do yoga daily, it is really relaxing for me.

1st of February 2021 – Monday – 70,8 kg (not so accurate)

I used to get on the scale after waking up but in the last 2 days, because I had different activities, I forgot. I weigh myself after drinking my 400 ml Green tea mug, during writing so the kilograms are not so accurate. I think I had some issues with a lot of sodium(ordered take-out) so my water retention was over the top ( I always use my wedding ring to check that). I will try this week to eat better, I have a lot of fish on the menu, salads, I will try to squeeze as many vegetables as I can, I also bought a lot of apples for the craving moments. 

2nd of February 2021 – Tuesday – 70,2 kg

I was on the scale first thing in the morning :)) I guess I am ok, still kind of on track. I am happy that my daily yoga and increased workout time did not impact my scale so hard. I guess I will be ok this week, not so much heavy food, fish mostly. I am trying to reduce my sodium intake and, this morning, when I tasted bacon, it felt so salty. I will not have bacon for a while :)) I hope I will be able to do yoga tomorrow because I had a really hard leg workout today. I was already sore so I do not know.

3rd of February 2021 – Wednesday – 69,8 Kg

I love my scale when I see this. I had to take a break from my workout today because I was too sore, but tomorrow I will be back in the game. I think I will do my exercises every other day because I need to let my muscles rest. Tomorrow my scale will not show what I want to see because I cooked after work so I started my fasting really late. It is ok because I will skip breakfast and go straight to soup, at lunch. I will also make salsa and avocado cream for some nachos. Today I made homemade pasta, really happy.

4th of February 2021 – Thursday – 70 kg

I had some health issues, I am not feeling really good so today I will skip my workout and just survive. I tried to eat healthier, I already had some soup and some salsa. We had a walk around the park, it is somehow exercising,  but I am feeling better now. I liked that we had fish meals this week so I go and buy more next week, on Monday.

5th of February 2021 – Friday – 69,9 kg

The nachos were full of salt and my hands are a little swollen. This always impacts my scale. I guess is near the time I will start to retain water, it is something I can not really control, I will drink a lot of water and try to eat less salty. I will cook this weekend so I can control my salt intake. I will see, I am happy that I am still 70kg, I will go lower in the following weeks. I lost 5cm on my hips in 11 weeks, which is amazing. My favorite skirt is almost perfect.

Photo by XPS on Unsplash

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