Fasting – week 10

23rd of January 2021 – Saturday – 70,6 kg

I was thinking all day about my weight gain and I realized that I changed my workout routine. I was working out more, I doubled my workout time and I was doing more muscle-building workouts. This explains why I am gaining weight, I bet the chocolate did not help, but it was not the reason. I will see how things evolve. Today I made a ‘raw vegan’ cake, it was amazing. I will try to study more about ‘raw vegan’ and maybe I will also publish some recipes made by me, with random things I have in my kitchen.

24th of January 2021 – Sunday – 70, 4 kg

It seems that the big checkpoint is still pending. I’m excited to see if my weight will change during a 2-day exercise break. I will also switch to cardio and include more Pilates. I am starting an online class and now I have to admit that, after a few hours of learning, I am really starving. I am still fasting, I feel better than ever. 

25th of January 2021 – Monday – 70,1 kg

Oh my God! I am so happy to be so close to my target. I hope tomorrow will be the big day. I have no idea why I really want this but it really helps to be excited. This week I made the menu and it is not so healthy, it is more to the fast-food side. I will see next week what I will include, we will need some broccoli :)) 

26th of January 2021 – Tuesday – 70,4 kg

At this point, is more about the journey rather than the results. I am quite busy these days with my class so I am really distracted. I feel hungry after studying for a few hours so I think I am also burning calories during this time. I did a HIIT workout and Yoga today, I am really happy. I think I will lose more weight soon, I am still fasting, but maybe I am eating more than I should. I am not sure if I will reduce my portion because now, with the studying time, I forget to eat and I have a big meal and tea. Maybe I should eat less but more often. 

27th of January 2021 – Wednesday- 69,9 kg

I can’t believe it! I am really happy that I hit my first target! This is amazing! In 10 weeks I managed to get a healthy weight loss. I lost almost 4 kg (also during Christmas). I guess the next 4 will be easier to lose :)) No more Christmas indulgent days. I will still have sweets, pizza, burgers, occasionally, but not like during the holidays. I switched to TABATA and HIT training in order to lose more weight and build fewer muscles. I think I will make Yoga every morning in order to manage the anxiety from work.

28th of January 2021 – Thursday – 69,9 kg

I am still really happy with my results. Gabriel is also losing weight with fasting and exercises, we are both really excited. I think I will lose another 4 kg until my birthday, I would have to change my clothes, buy new jeans and maybe my leather pants. My target weight is 60 kg, I do not know if I will hit that until my birthday. I heard that, after a while, you don’t lose weight so easily. I will keep up with my exercises, maybe daily yoga will help also. I can’t wait to read this blog in my leather pants, drinking a glass of champagne and celebrating with Gabriel. 

29th of January 2021 – Friday – 69,9 kg

I am happy I am stuck at 69,9 kg. As long as I am under 70, it is ok for me. I do not want to starve myself in order to lose weight as soon as possible. I have started to do daily yoga. On the days I do not have workouts, I will do yoga in the morning, and when I have workouts, I will do yoga after. I had some health issues last night so this morning’s yoga felt great.

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