Fasting – week 9

16th of January 2021 – Saturday – 70,7 kg

I am still recovering after Gabriel’s birthdays. I had dinner that night and I don’t like it anymore. I have to admit that I like skipping dinner, I sleep better and wake up easier. I have no idea why but I am really happy with this, it makes the process easier. I was thinking that I should keep fasting after hitting my target weight. I like this as a way of life, I don’t have cravings, I eat what I want, in decent quantities. I also have a lot of water and tea and my skin looks great.

17th of January 2021 – Sunday – 70,4 kg

Maybe the countdown can start again :))) We will see tomorrow because right now I do not want to think about it. I am really happy because this morning I thought I will have 71 kg. I woke up feeling really weird in my body. In Munich it is snowing so we will have some snow walks, I love them, everything is white. I am keeping up with my exercises, I feel great and I am still drinking a lot of water and tea.

18th of January 2021 – Monday – 70,4 kg

I am glad I am stable, at 70,4 kg. I am sure I will hit my target this week. I am struggling with my water intake, I have to pay more attention to this because sometimes I forget to drink 🙂

I went for a snow walk this morning, at 8 AM. I love to see the city, all white and clean. I forgot to take some pictures because I was too distracted by the landscape. I will get back to exercising tomorrow, I am really excited to see what I have in my app for this week. 

19th of January 2021 – Tuesday – 70,4 kg

70,4 kg. I like that I did not go up. :)) I have to admit I had sweets today, I had some emotional problems, micro=depression, and I wanted chocolate. I mentioned before that sometimes I am an emotional eater but I am ok with that. I do not want to neglect my emotional side, I am on a healing journey so I will let my inner child have a trip to the supermarket, once in a while. This happened today, I came home with chocolate, gummy bears, and soda. I will fast after 5 PM, I had my sweets and now I am ok.

20th of January 2021 – Wednesday – 70,6 kg

I have to admit that I did spoil myself this week. I am fasting but I had chocolate, and today we ordered food. I missed Indian take-out. We found a restaurant that makes amazing dishes. I could order from them daily. Today I had to skip exercising because I feel so sore. On Tuesday I had full-body strength exercises and I have to admit that they worked. I guess I will work out tomorrow, maybe I will feel better. 

21st of January 2021 – Thursday – 70,4 kg

It seems I hit a plateau, it is ok, I do not mind that right now. I am really happy that I feel in shape, I feel strong and flexible. Yesterday, while I was working out, I realized that you have to be strong to feel strong. I was impressed during my exercises that I can reach new yoga poses and that I am more flexible during stretching. I believe that the scale is not the only way to measure weight loss, for me is more important to feel strong and free. 

22nd of January 2021 – Friday – 70,4 kg

I am still happy with how I feel. Yesterday I managed to do some yoga poses that were challenging for me in the beginning. It is amazing how something so small can be so motivating! I feel the need to mention that I did not do any sports until I was 28 years old. I started slow, but I got serious when I find my favorite app. I started working out 35 weeks ago on the ‘Fiton’ app. I am a huge fan, I also used their ‘Food’ section, I am still cooking things from there. My journey is amazing, I love feeling strong and powerful. I would recommend anyone exercising. Last year, in September, I went for my first hike. It was a magical experience, I used my muscles and my resistance, gained by working out, and fell in love with hiking. I can’t wait for our next trip!

Photo by MARK ADRIANE on Unsplash

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