Fasting – week 8

9th of January 2021 – Saturday – 70,7 kg

I am so happy today! I managed to hit 70.7 kg again. I know that from here I can only go down. I might get a little heavier because I will retain water in the next 2 weeks but after that, maybe I will be under 70!!! We are not buying sweets this month, the only sweet thing we will have is Tiramisu, for Gabriel’s birthday but after that, no other sugar. I will try to cook healthier, include in our menu more sweet potatoes, maybe broccoli, asparagus, and some fish. I am so happy with this small victory. I am also happy that I can see changes in the mirror, the scale is not always telling the truth because I am also working out.

10th of January 2021 – Sunday – 70,6 kg

I am soooooooooo happy! I hit my all time low since I started fasting. I know it is just 100g less than yesterday but for me it is a small victory and I will celebrate it. I can’t wait to get under 70 kg, it will be soon and I am so excited. I found a new recipe, it is really nice. Quesadilla  – but  you only  put the chicken and the cheese inside the wrap and put it in the oven and the tomatoes will be in a salsa. It is really fresh, I love it and it is quite healthy and easy to do.

11th of January 2021 – Monday – 70,4 kg

70,4 kg!! I am so close to my first target weight! I love it! I have to admit that this ‘fasting’ thing is growing on me. I have no problem during fasting and it makes me appreciate the meals I have. I stopped eating fast and I took my time enjoying my meals. It is amazing how I got to crave broccoli :)) I guess I am the proof that anyone can change. The best thing to do is to have tea, water and find a hobby. Drawing helped me a lot in the beginning, it distracted me around dinner time. The second best thing is that I can wash my dishes after lunch and then I have the sink free until the next day.

12th of January 2021 – Tuesday – 70,2 kg

Omg!! Omg!! So close! I forgot to mention that I added a cold shower in my daily routine. I started a week ago and reached 2 minutes under the cold shower. It feels good, especially when I do that after a hard workout. I shower as normal, with warm water and before getting out of shower, I just slowly get to cold water and stay under the shower. I feel good right now, at 2 minutes, but I might increase it in time, maybe next week I will stay 3 minutes. I am really happy because on the 14th is Gabriel’s birthday and I will make tiramisu. I will also make some salsa and have it with nachos. I am really excited about everything these days and it feels great. 

13th of January 2021 – Wednesday – 70,1 kg

It is like a countdown :)) Maybe tomorrow I will have my first target achieved. I have to admit that being so close it is really motivating and makes the whole process easier. I guess the habit of fasting is already built so things are getting easier. I made tiramisu today and I am really excited for our party tomorrow. I will also make salsa for nachos and we will have burrito for lunch. I do not know if I will break the fasting, maybe I will and skip breakfast the next day, I will see. I am really happy also that today I will finish my 999 origami cranes – tomorrow I will make Crane number 1000 and we will celebrate. 

14th of January 2021 – Thursday – 70,5 kg

The countdown is not done yet :)) I guess water retention is the cause but it will take a few days until I will go back to normal. I am ok with this because I really feel in shape. I had nachos and Tiramisu today, I regret nothing :)) I am joking, I really believe you need time to eat what you want and today is Gabriel’s birthday so we will celebrate it! Now we are starting our party for 2, part 2.

15th of January 2021 – Friday – 70,7 kg

I am going further to my goal, it is really funny.  I have to admit that I like the countdown to 70 kg so it is ok :)) Next week I bet I will be under 70 kg and it’s worth the wait. I have to admit that yesterday I was a little chaotic, I did not drink enough water, I had a lot of sugar and, because of the Tiramisu, I had a lot of coffee. Last night, me and Gaby were wide awake after the dessert because I made it with regular coffee and it really worked for us :)) Gabriel usually doesn’t drink coffee and I drink it rarely so the impact on us was wow. Today I feel tired but it is too late now, next time I will make it with decaf, I guess. I finished my 1000 origami cranes yesterday so I will start working on my article about what I learned during my origami journey. This makes me really excited.

Photo by Yulia Matvienko on Unsplash

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