Fasting week 7

31st of December 2020 – 3rd of January 2021 – 71,8 kg

I think I put on 1 kg during holidays, I am back to fasting 16 – 8 starting today. This morning my weight was 71,8 kg, it is quite ok because I ate sweets all the time. I drank wine and coffee so my water intake was also low. Today I am back in the game, we will not buy sweets this month so I guess I will be back under 71 in a few days. I am planning to cook soup and normal stuff in the following days.

4th of January 2021 – Monday – 71,3 kg

I am really happy! I can’t believe I am back to 71,3! In a few days I will be under 71 and I will be really happy and celebrating. I can’t wait to get to 65, it feels so easy now. I didn’t workout today, I hope to do that tomorrow. I have been experiencing some insomnia in the last 3 days so I felt really tired today. I will be back in the game tomorrow, finish something at work, workout and online class. I am really happy to be back to fasting and skip dinner!

5th of January 2021 – Tuesday – 71,2 kg

I am really happy with my results. Today was also workout day, nothing so hard, arms workout. We are starting to eat clean from Friday. Today we had the last burger and fries as a ‘’Goodbye’’ party :))) I have time to clean the house of unhealthy food on the following days, until Friday. I have some leftover sugary stuff from the holidays so I will ‘’take care of them’’ in the following days. Today I have an amazing breakfast, yogurt with banana, honey and pecan nuts. I think a little spoon of Goji fruits would be perfect. 

6th of January 2021 – Wednesday – I forgot to use the scale

Today I got up so excited because it was snowing and everything was white so I forgot to use the scale :)) It was a bank holiday in Bavaria so we were free, it was a magical morning. Maybe next week will snow more so we can play in the snow. Maybe I will also post some recipes during the week as ideas and to have them in the future, as ideas. Maybe I will start with the yogurt one, I will post it after I will make some pictures. We ordered a kitchen scale so we can step up our weight loss game 🙂 I am really happy we are doing this together!

7th of January 2021 – Thursday – 71,8 kg

The ‘’magic’’ of water retention! I hope things will improve, I am feeling good, tomorrow is workout day so I am really happy. Starting on Friday we will start eating clean, the food scale is here, we went food shopping and we will not eat sweets anymore. I am planning to make some sweet potatoes, some healthy quesadilla, yogurt with mango and pineapples. I can’t wait to cook them during the weekend!!

8th of January 2021 – Friday – 71,3 Kg

Last night I broke the fast because we had Ice cream and wine. It is Gabriel’s birthday week so he used that card and convinced me to have ice cream. I am happy that I am back to 71,3 but I am in that time frame when I retain water. I will see in 2 weeks my exact weight. I am really excited because I took pictures of my breakfast and I will publish the recipe on Sunday or Monday. I am really happy. Yesterday my scale came so I will make more exact recipes, I can’t wait to bake some sweets after we get to our target weight 😀 .

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Thank You! 

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