Fasting – Week 6

24th – 27th of December 2020 – Christmas days

Because of Christmas, I changed to 14 – 10 fasting. I have to admit I did not stress myself about food, I continued to exercise and my weight was changing daily from 70,7 to 71,8 kg, so the variation was only one kg. I am happy that I am still ok, I am still happy with fasting and can’t wait to go back to 16 – 8 after the New Year! I decided to update my diary because it is a habit and makes me really happy. 

28th of December 2020 – Monday – 71,6 kg

 14h fasting today, I had a big dinner and I skipped breakfast. Tonight I will skip dinner and have breakfast. I will have a 14h fast daily until after the New Years.  Am really happy and excited that I will cook. Let’s hope there will be no failures like the Christmas Salad :)) Gabriel will help with the Salad so we will have a good salad. I want to make a “No bake Cheesecake” and ‘‘Eclairs’’.

29th of December 2020 – Tuesday – 71,3 kg

I am impressed that I did get back to 71,3. I ate a lot of sweets during Christmas so this is a miracle. 14h fasting today, I like this also. Tomorrow I hope I will fast again and after that I guess I will take a break. This is what I said for Christmas and still managed to fast :)) I believe that maybe I got used to having 2 meals a day and it comes easy to me.

30th of December 2020 – Thursday – 71,7 kg

I am really happy today! I will start cooking now, after a good deserved nap. I worked out yesterday, I recommend you “KINRGY” from the Fiton App. I have to prepare for cooking now, thank you all of everything!

I want to wish all of you “Happy New Year!!!” Enjoy the holidays and relax. You can take a break for a few days and then get back on the losing weight train.

Photo by Jude Beck on Unsplash

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