Fifth week of fasting – Merry Christmas!

19th of December 2020 – Saturday – 72 kg

My water retention is not gone :)) I guess the 600g difference is from water retention but we will see it in the long run. Tomorrow I will get back to my workout, I am looking forward to that. I am still feeling tired and not emotionally stable but after this week is over, I will be back in the game :)) I will probably be really excited with cooking and organizing Christmas stuff.

20th of December 2020 – Sunday – 71,4 kg

I am preparing for Christmas and this gets me all excited. I am happy that I am back to 71,4 kg. Today it was a normal Sunday so nothing special happened. I forgot to mention that we had a long fast, 22 h. We started this one again, I like it, no problems this time. 

21st of December 2020 – Monday – 70,9 kg

I was so happy this morning! I weigh under 71 kg! It is amazing! I guess I will be under 70 kg in January, it is possible. I can’t wait to get there. These small things keep me motivated, get over the laziness and keep going. Soo happy!

22nd of December – Tuesday – 71,4 kg

I saw that I wake up with more weight when I drink a lot of water late. I have to admit that I like to drink water until before bed so this is messing with my scale :))) I will still be fasting but I will take some breaks during Christmas and New Years. I hope I will still lose weight but I will not get stressed about it! I can’t wait to cook and prepare everything for Christmas!

23rd  of December 2020 – Wednesday – 71,2 kg

I switched to 14 – 10 hours fasting because it’s my favorite time of the year and  love to cook all day. I might also take a break for Christmas, for the 3 days, I guess, no idea. I love fasting but I also want to be relaxed and stop stressing with the clock. I will start with no breaks from January,  still want to get to 65 kg or maybe 60 if it is still possible. I will still workout during this period, because I love the feeling you have after.

Happy Holidays everyone! See you in January!

Photo by Anna Popović on Unsplash

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