Fourth week of fasting

12th of December 2020 – Saturday – 71,9 kg

Today was “Carbs Day”. We ordered pizza and pasta. I am skipping 24h fasting this week, I want a little freedom. I will fast normally, 16 hour. I think next week I will work from home so I will have more time to cook. We will see, I am really excited with our Christmas menu, I can’t wait to cook all day! Today I took a Pilates class, voluntarily. I use Fiton app, it is free and really nice. My trainer was saying that I will feel sore tomorrow, she was so wrong. I feel sore already :))) 

13th of December 2020 – Sunday – 71,6 kg

My fasting today was 18 hours, I did not want to fast 24h. I think maybe next week I will be back to this but I will see. Because it is winter, I get really sleepy, really early so I am trying to keep my body fueled. I am having enough water but I am also exercising so I do not want to starve, especially when I feel sore. Today I only did stretching, as I am recovering after the Pilates Class.

14th of December 2020 – Monday – 71,9 kg

New day. I do not feel so great, I feel emotional and overwhelmed. I have no idea why I am this way but it is ok. I believe the problem will go away in a few days. I went to the store today and bought a lot of sweets. I am not eating them all in one day but I need some sugar around. I hope the water retention will go away and I will see how much weight I lost. Maybe tomorrow will be a better emotional day 🙂 

15th of December 2020 – Tuesday – 71,9 kg

My emotional state is not so good. I was switching to 9-15 h fasting  :)) just for 2-3 days so I can have wine and beer. I am emotional, depressed and mostly unhappy but it is normal for me. I will be short today. I am also on an exercise break as I have sore muscles. Hope in 2-3 days I will be back in the game, maybe tomorrow. 🙂 

16th of December 2020 – Wednesday – 71,8 kg

Today I felt better, I am back to my normal workout routine, back to the normal fasting hours. I like to skip dinner and start fasting around 4-5 PM and have breakfast the next day. I like this more because in the afternoon I have tea and I drink more water than when I fast during other hours. Gabriel is still with me, fasting. We are ok, we don’t get grumpy from hunger :)) Today I was full of energy, worked out for 50 minutes. I quite enjoyed it! I took a Pilates Class – 11 minutes, Abs workout – 23 minutes and Yoga for 16 minutes. Pretty proud! Let’s hope tomorrow I will have less kilograms :))

17th of December 2020 -Thursday – 71,4 kg 

I am quite happy today because my water retention is going away!  I guess next week I will be maybe under 71, I hope so. I didn’t workout today , I cooked the first part of the day and read the other. I wanted to finish a book so badly and I just spent the afternoon doing just that and having tea.

18th of December 2020 – Friday – 71,4 kg

I am really impressed. I looked at my first week and I saw that I had 73 kg .I remember that in the 2 days before I started recording my weight, I did have over 73, maybe 73,2 kg. Around 2 kg in one month, I am impressed. I have to mention that I did not change my menu, I ate sweets , pizza , burgers , homemade food, but not every day. I tried to keep a balanced menu, with normal foods but also with stuff I enjoy.  I did not change my workout routine, I worked out as normal but I think I am drinking more water because now I am tracking it. I will keep fasting, I really like it and I think it is more like a lifestyle. I will come back next week with new updates!

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