Third week of fasting

5th of December 2020 – Saturday – 71,9 kg

I was sure my weight would fluctuate. I had wine last night, a little bit more than normal :)) I fasted for 14 hours instead of canceling the fast. Today we had lunch, a small snack with fruits and ice cream and now we will fast for 24h, until tomorrow at 4 o’clock. It is Saint Nicholas so I am having chocolate, ice cream, I am not stressing about calories.

6th of December 2020 – Sunday – 71,3 kg

Finished 23h of fast, I did not want to stretch it another hour because I do not want to stress my body more than is necessary. I am still stagnating at 71,3, I am ok with this. I had a lot of sugar today and yesterday, so I feel like that I am still at 71,3. We have leftover sweets but after they are done, we will not buy more…until Christmas :))) It is hard to erase sugar from a diet when you have so many reasons to celebrate :)) To finish the day big, I will have some wine. I will skip breakfast tomorrow, I guess.

7th of December 2020 – Monday – 71,6 kg

I had a lot of sweets today but there are only a few left so I will be ok in 2 days. I hope I’ll get to 70 by the end of the month but I do not know. I love Christmas so I will cook a lot :)) I hope I will lose some weight before Christmas but I will see. I feel good and I am exercising so this is more important. I have to drink more water but I think I will switch to tea because it’s too cold and I do not feel thirsty 🙂

8th of December 2020 – Tuesday – 71,6 kg

It is a miracle I am still at 71,6 kg :)) I am really happy. This is the first PMS during fasting and it is not nice, I feel grumpy and I want to cry. I made meatloaf and I would love one but I am trying to resist. Maybe I will take a break tonight, I do not know but I will update you. I am not nice when I am hungry and I do not know what to do. I will see. Maybe tomorrow will be a better day 🙂 

9th of December 2020 – Wednesday – 71,9 kg

Last night I canceled fasting and had wine and chocolate. I had a late breakfast today, I got only 12 hours of fasting but it is ok. Last night I was in a bad place, I needed a glass of wine. Tonight I will keep busy, I am helping with reviewing some art classes, only lesson 1 because I did not finish the class yet. I hope it will be ok. Today I had an upper body workout and yoga after, to stretch a little. Tomorrow I will go to the office, I guess we will order some food, maybe pizza from downstairs. We will see.

10th of December 2020 – Thursday – 71,6 kg

I was a little agitated today, not ok emotionally but I managed to keep the fasting. I will have tea tonight and that will be dinner. Tomorrow I will go to the office, I will have a big breakfast to skip lunch and I will have an early dinner after work. I hope it will be ok in the office, it is complicated with Covid but we will manage it. I hope Gaby will order burgers tomorrow because he is home alone and he will manage his lunch. I will suggest this to him 🙂 I will be happy to come home to burgers. I hope we will be able to finish the shipments, I will buy some Christmas cards and some sweets. I think I spoke too early, a big package just came with the Christmas gift from Gaby’s employer. I will have sweets if that is included :)). Update you tomorrow.

11th of December 2020 – Friday – 71,8 kg

Last night we had a short dinner so I had to fast until today, at lunch. I was in the office today so my lunch was coffee. My first real meal was at 4 o’clock, fast food. It is ok, I have not had fast food since forever. I am thinking about introducing some variation in my fasting hours because I think I hit a weight-loss plateau or my water retention is messing with my scale.

We will see in the next few weeks. I am hoping for the best 🙂 

I want to thank you for showing interest in my weight-loss journey!

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