Second week of intermittent fasting

29th of November – Sunday – 71,9 kg

24h fastings are hard. The 23 hours are ok but the last one is really hard. I am now in my last 20 minutes and I am really excited to eat. I have the same weight, I took a break from working out and had around 2l of water. During the morning I felt a little tired, it is normal when fasting so I just spend some time on the couch. I put some lemon juice in my mineral water and helped with the small dizziness. I am really proud of us, Gaby is also fasting with me. 24h, new record!

30th of November – Monday – 71,9 kg

The 24h fasting was ok, I was happy to eat last night, now we are back to normal. I will extend my eating period because we will decorate the tree and I want hot chocolate.  I have around 2 l of water a day and I am not worried about stagnating at weight loss. Usually during this time, I have a water retention problem.

1st of December 2020 – Tuesday – 71,5 kg

Today we had our first snow!! It is amazing, everything is so Christmasy, I just want to sing like in Cartoons. :)) I am really happy that we made our Chritsmas tree and now it is snowing. I have to admit that I really had a nice morning, I lost 400g !! In no time I will be wearing the leather pants I am dreaming about! I can’t wait. I like to see results and it is not that hard, I love this fasting thing.

2nd of December 2020 – Wednesday – 72,1 kg

Fasting is starting to be really easy, I do not get insomnia, I do not feel hungry. My body adapted really well to the change. I worked out today and I have really sore muscles but I am quite happy because I can feel the results. I do not get anxious because I put 600 g, I believe it is mostly water because I am in my water retention period right now. 

3rd of December 2020 – Thursday – 71,9 kg

My muscles are really sore, still happy about that. I have reduced my water intake because I do not feel like drinking water. It is easier to have water when I workout. I am trying to listen to my body so I am ok with that.

4th of December 2020 – Friday – 71,3 kg

I started this on the 21st of November from 73 kg. In 2 weeks I lost 1,7 kg. Not bad from my point of view.  I am quite excited and happy. Today I will not fast, we have a wine party (for 2) and I want to enjoy it, have some chocolate and just relax. This is also the reason why I am publishing this a day early. Tomorrow I will have the 24h fasting until Sunday afternoon. I am preparing burgers to celebrate Saint Nicolas. I will come back with more details, I enjoy documenting the journey. Have a nice weekend and celebrate your body!

Photo by Bookblock on Unsplash

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