First week of fasting

On the 21st of November, we started fasting. I was thinking about keeping a daily journal but I do not have the time to publish everyday, so I will write a few sentences daily and publish once a week. 

I wanted to start this fasting journey because I want to get rid of my body fat. I am working out 4-5 times a week, I feel stronger but I want to see the results, I want to build body mass and lose some weight. I am stuck at 73 kilograms and I really want to change that. My goal is 60 kilograms, I do not have a time frame, I just want to lose weight healthy. 

21st of November – Saturday

I am really excited to start this new experiment. I found more about fasting from this YouTube video.

22nd of November – Sunday

We managed to fast 22 hours, I am pretty proud of us. Last hour was a little hard but manageable. We had indian food afterwards, it was amazing.

23rd of November – Monday – 73 kg

First day of skipping dinner. I was ok, I have to admit I was quite hungry when we went to bed and had a little insomnia but it was ok in the end.

24th of November – Tuesday – 72.8 kg

I have to admit I love breakfast time :)). I wake up a little hungry every morning but I like the feeling. I fast for 16 hours and eat in the 8 hour window. I have breakfast, lunch and a snack before fasting. Snack means fresh fruits like blueberries and grapes, mandarins and pears.

25th of November- Wednesday – 72,1 kg

I am quite impressed by the evolution. I forgot to mention I have around 3l of water per day, this is a very important factor. I slept ok last night, I am starting to get used to this. Last night I watched a cooking show and had no problems regarding hunger. I actually enjoy not having to wash dishes after dinner, I have a cleaner kitchen :))

26th of November – Thursday – 72,3 kg

Today I woke up heavier because I went to bed really late and had a lot of water before going to sleep. I am still excited with this choice, I am looking forward to Saturday, full 24h fast. 

27th of November – Friday – 71,9 kg

This morning I was really happy. I think the last time my weight was unde 72 was 6 months ago. I like that I can see progress. Today I did not drink too much water, under 3l but I am trying to listen to my body. I just had tea, it was really late and I felt a little hungry. The tea trick really helps. Tomorrow afternoon I will start the 22 or 24 h fasting. I would like to keep maybe 22 and evolve, we’ll see. 

28th of November – Saturday- 71,9 kg

I am really happy, I forgot to mention yesterday that I am pink now. I dyed my hair pink :)) It was an overnight decision :)) It is a crazy pink and I love it! Today I will start the long fasting. I will update you tomorrow.

Photo by Samuel Ramos on Unsplash

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