Vegan – Peanut-butter and banana Ice-cream

I wanted to post this recipe for a while. We purchased a food processor and I tried a lot of recipes. I wanted the food processor to make ”Nice – Cream”, made it once but I do not like to put frozen stuff in it.

I adapted the recipe and I just make the ice cream with normal bananas and then I just put it in the freezer.

I use 3 bananas, a spoon of coconut oil, 350g Peanut Butter (a jar of crunchy peanut butter), rice milk (just to make things easier for the food processor, maybe half a cup) and Chocolate chips (this are not vegan but they are optional).

I first blend the bananas and coconut oil, add milk and then add the peanut butter. I like to put 1/3rd of the peanut butter, blend, add the next 1/3rd , blend and then just add the rest of the peanut butter. If you just a want sugar free dessert, not Vegan, you can add Honey.

I put the mixture in a casserole, add the chocolate on top and put it in the freezer. The bananas really help the ice cream stay creamy. I think is ok too eat in 4 hours. Enjoy!

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