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Why Youtube girls live in another world – Curly hair

I used to learn how to manage my hair on YouTube. I have curly hair and I used to hate frizz when I was little and always wanted to have straight hair. On the internet you will find a solution for every problem but at what cost?

When I moved to Germany, I found special products for my hair. I have to admit, those make my hair look amazing but the Leave-in Conditioner it’s to greasy, makes my face feel greasy. Also, on the internet, Curly girls use a lot of products to fix their curls. I do not like having my hair full of product all day. Honestly, after DevaCurl scandal, I am really afraid of getting bold so I am using a big hair brand now, at least they are in the market for years.

I saw a girl, she had “washing hair day” because after washing the hair and putting a lot of products in, she would take every strand and make small curls with her hands, for a few hours. Who, with a job, has this type of time? I work part time and I do not have the time to do this :))) It looks nice, I admire her for doing this but I feel the curly girls community is starting to feel like a cult. People don’t touch their hair, sleep with special pillow cases, some wash their hair only with water, some don’t rinse off their conditioner ,spend a lot of money for that look but the idea that started all was to accept and embrace your hair.

How are you embracing your hair when you are changing it with products? I use conditioner and a mask but that is all. I use a leave in conditioner from Pantene before washing my hair in order to comb it easily. My hair is frizzy as F**k but seems happy. It does not look dry, shines and it’s so bouncy.

I also have a lot of remaining products around the house but I feel I will trow them away soon. I will accept my big 🙂 Enjoy your journey but take care with what you use on your body or hair.

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