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Xiaomi Mi Band 5 – My favorite 5 things about it

This week was not my favorite week because I had a wisdom tooth removed. I was stressed before and in a little pain and medication after. I do not have a lot of fun stories this week.

A good thing happened though; our fitness bands arrived. The pictures are big because I was looking everywhere for more info regarding the watch faces and no one had big pictures.

Five things I like about Mi Band 5:

  1. It tracks sleep and naps. During my first night, I got the best sleeping score. 96 from 100 points. I knew I was good at sleeping and now I have confirmation. 

2. You have a lot of watch faces. I like to change them a lot, right now I am in love with the Sponge Bob theme. I looked in Mi fit app, there are only around 70 watch faces but I guess they will add more in time.

3. You can change the watch bracelet. I already ordered 15 new colors from Amazon. I think those will be enough for me and I will not get tired or bored with my band. I can also match them with my watch face. This were around 10 Euro and I hope they will come on Monday.

4. The breathing function is one of the best. I used to meditate but sometimes I forget to do that. Now, I can take a 1-2 minute break looking at the dot and breath as instructed. I can also do that during my commute while listening to music or a podcast. I have a problem when I am in crowded places so thins will help me. I uploaded a YouTube video.. I am new, don’t judge.

5.The ”Nudge a friend” function. It is like having a pager with my husband. Sometimes I do not have my phone or he has it on silent and maybe we have something urgent to talk about. I have to admit this happens rarely but I will use the ”Nudge” function when I miss him and I am at work :)).

I absolutely adore this new gadget, I am sure you can find more details regarding battery and other boring stuff on line. My husband review those before purchasing the bands. In this article I just tried to add the things that make me appreciate it.

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