Random questions of life

Waking up at 5:30?

I am currently waking up at 5:30 – 2 days a week. I feel that I should try to keep this schedule for the whole week in order to have a constancy. I like waking up at 5:30, I have time to write, eat, dress, without stress. The neighborhood is so quiet and the birds are singing, the mountain air is making me love the feeling of waking up.

After making all this changes in my life (quit smoking, quit coffee, eating more or less healthy) I feel this is a challenge I can try. The time I have extra I can read and have my tea, sitting outside in the summer air. I could also paint or draw, continue my online classes.

I did not decided yet, I can try this week I guess. This routine makes me hungry in the morning and full of energy, I even leave earlier at work and I get to leave earlier from work.

I would like to know more opinions about this and also speak with Gaby. I hope I can go out of the room without bothering him.

After 29 years of waking up only when needed, I feel quite excited regarding this decision. Maybe I will put in my journal the evolution. I will start next week because I will have a dental medical procedure this week so I will probably rest more.

I will update you!

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