Funny situations

New ”fun” stuff I did

Today was a funny day. A few months ago, me and Gaby bought 2 glass bottles for water. Now we have one.

I put some water for Gaby and near his desk, I just dropped the bottle :)) Omg, hell broke loose. The water was so close to the PC and it was glass everywhere but my husband kept calm and was a hero. He told me to go in order not to cut myself ( I am clumsy) but I insisted to help.

2 minutes later I was in the bathroom, with blood pumping out of my finger and I just froze. I was just keeping my hand in the water. When I tried to take it out and get toilet paper, the blood was too much for me and I started to panic. My hero let the water and the glass all over the floor and came to rescue me, helped me with my cut and went back to the glass fiasco. Worst part was that Gaby was going in an online meeting in 25 minutes. I do not know how he managed to clean all the water, move the couch, move the desk and also getting all the glass from the floor.

I am a lucky lady because I have him. He has me so not so much ! :))

Photo by Max Bender on Unsplash

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