Healthy ice cream

Me and Gaby are trying to eat healthy and also getting in shape. I use a nice app, Fiton and I am already 5 weeks in. I have lost some weight but is really complicated because I have gained muscle mass so the scale is not really relevant.

I am trying to reduce sugar so today I’ve made homemade ice cream. Greek yogurt, honey and raspberries. Sadly, no time for pictures but it was pink and not sweet, really refreshing. We ate it straight from the casserole, no fancy setup. A leaf of mint would have looked wonderful with the pink color. Maybe next time.

I will keep eating this all summer as I am also planning a lot of other combinations. Yogurt with melon, blueberries, blackberries, peaches, basically anything I can blend and freeze. I will also try green apples, I love them.

I hope this helps, do something nice for your body today. 🙂

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