Funny situations

Starting a small fire

I used to wake up late but that morning was a special one. I was up, romantic, listening the birds sing, a little sleepy. My husband was in the bathroom. I put the water on the stove in order to make tea and then hell broke loose. I will try to explain what happened but for me time was moving differently.

I had a popcorn plastic bowl on the stove. Because I was sleepy, I opened the wrong place on the stove and set the bowl on fire. Panic! Smoke was starting to come out so I screamed really nice to my husband to come, urgently.

I was already trying to take the bowl off and open every door in the house. In Romania we didn’t have a fire alarm so I was scared of that thing starting to beep. That happened. Gaby made a miracle and made it stop. I opened the door and also the staircase windows, there was smoke and a toxic plastic smell. I have pictures of the aftermath. Keep in mind, this happened around 6 AM, I thing my downstairs neighbors really hated me that morning because of all the running around the house.

It was really fun how time slowed down. There was no real damage but it is something to remember. Don’t keep the plastic bowls on the stove, people! Learn from my mistakes. More will come.

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