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Morning inspiration

I just finished my Morning Pages and I am feeling inspired. My friends were talking about people that died at work from heart attacks and made me remember all about my shitty jobs. I had some authority issues so every time I was treated bad for a few months, I would quit. I always had that but mostly because I had my husband always on my side.

I don’t want to make this blog post about jobs and why people stay in jobs because this is too complex . I want to talk about respect and what makes a beautiful relationship from my point of view.

When me and Gaby became a couple, I had nothing figured out. My values were a little twisted by Disney and love stories. Every fight was a break up because for me, being in a relationship was always agree with each-other. My parents have a weird type off relationship with fighting all the time so I was trying to stay away from that type of marriage. I do not like to fight.

In the beginning, we used to fight a lot, not fight but me expressing my insecurities, cry and build walls. He was always there, helping me so after a while I started to trust him a lot. The best think about us is that, every time we fight, we still respect each-other, never use words like ”stupid” or curse at each other. We used to have money issues but we both work in order to have some savings, he also teach me a healthy economic view. After 6 years of working at our relationship, this are better every day. This make me think about how toxic the ”Price Charming” notion is. Makes girls stop giving chances to valuable people and they think they are perfect and the future man will be perfect and rich. They are skipping a few steps. The don’t want to work for money and help each-other grow.

The funny fact is that men with money are old and they change you when you get old. I saw how gold-diggers loose all in the end. I used to have a friend that was a gold-digger, she was honest and told me that, she married a football player and moved to another city. She was 20. After a while, he realized that she was there for the money and when she asked ”Where you were last night?”, he used to answer ”I bring you money so that is not your problem”. This ended in a divorce and the children were in another country with the ex-husband. Men tend to use revenge when you are there for the wrong reasons, somehow I can understand them, as humans, we just want to be loved for us, not for what we have. So, Prince Charming can get pissed off and take everything from you.

I think respect is important, people can adapt to each other and can learn to live in harmony, not total harmony, but in the end, try to make your life pretty and happy.

Have a nice day!

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