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Quitting smoking-one year journey

”I’d rather be a non smoker that wants to smoke than a smoker that wants to quit.” Author unknown

I was looking on the window and it was a massive storm. This was the weather when I quit smoking. I think that working with myself and letting go to some internal wounds helped a lot in this journey. I think I quit smoking after one month of Morning pages. I just woke up one day and I realized that I am an addict, that I am not smoking because I like it, I was doing it because I had to.

When I started smoking, in high-school, I wanted to be a psychologist so I picked up smoking in order to analyse the quitting process. Time passed by, I forgot about that plan but the smoking stuck. For people with internal struggles, self-destruction behavior comes natural. I was smoking for around 10 years before quitting. When I realized that I was an addict, I felt like I had no air so I remembered about a book by Allan Carr. A lot of people were saying how this book is magical and how easy this will be. I also got in some “Quit smoking” groups on Facebook. This was the best idea ever! It is so motivating to see other people that are making this a reality.

I started by reading “The easy way to stop smoking” by Allan Carr. The first step is to choose you quitting date so I selected my date after I was going in a trip at home, because home a lot of people are still smoking. The book really is magic, the only condition, mandatory, is that you should want to quit smoking. A lot of people quit, or try to quit, because the loved one doesn’t like the smell or maybe because of the money, but that is not the long term secret. You have to quit because you respect your body and you love yourself so much that you are willing to do this.

My quit date was 21st of May, I planned to quit and make it as a gift for my husband, who accepted me even with that awful smell. On the 19th of May, I changed the recipient of the gift and I gave myself HEALTH as a birthday gift. I quit 2 days earlier, on my birthday. On the second year anniversary, the next day, I was a non-smoker. May is a special month for us, we became a couple on the 2nd of May and got married on the 20th of May. I have a really short memory so my husband made everything easy for me.

In a few days I will have my first year smoke free. It was easy? Yes and no. I almost cried in the bus, I was a crazy b***h for 2 or 3 months, I was constantly dreaming about smoking. Was it all worth it? YES!!! I will do it all again. The first months I was dreaming I was smoking and I used to get up so sad, so disappointed. This made me keep going, proving myself I can do it. Being a non smoker is amazing, I feel more in charge with my emotions, I can go for walks and still breath after, I quit coffee and I am constantly exercise. I am still in the Facebook group related to smoking in order to keep me focused. I feel that my anxiety level dropped and I am more productive.

I also had my friend L. in this months. She quit almost in the same time so we had this journey together. She also used the book by Allan Carr so we both can recommend it. Thank you, L. for the support!

The main hero of this story is my husband, he stood by me, talked with me when I was down and congratulate me every step of the way. I was screaming and being passive aggressive for 2 months and he stood there, by me, not making it harder than it was. I just want to thank you! Thank you for our magical life.

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

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