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How to follow your dreams

Ever since I was little, I had a very big imagination but two left hands. I love to draw and I tried so many times that at one point i got tired of failing at it. After reading “The artist’s way” and writing my morning pages I’ve started to learn how to manage my inside voice, the one telling me I am not good at drawing.

This quarantine stuff made me spend more time home and I had no excuses. Before, I used to say to myself that I have no time, no resources, no pencils, a big list of excuses, but now I had all the conditions to do it. I had time to learn 3-4 hours a day, sometimes 6 hours of practice. After 2 months, the evolution makes me so happy. My mind understands what I see and my hand is finally listening.

I love my YouTube online classes and I realize, everyday, that when you really want to do something, you can always find a way. I used to think that I need some fancy school and expensive materials, but no, you need just will and patience. I used to feel that I have to forget that dream, that I am not talented or I will never make something that I can be proud of but now, I feel so excited when I can call that my art.

I will post here my last 2 creations, my new art project with wood mannequins. I am pretty proud of them. I will post weekly so I am also exited to handle also my blog.

Have a nice evening!

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