Random questions of life

No more diary

Because my day look the same all the time, I think I will stop posting my journal pages for a while. I took a break this weekend and I think I will publish once a week from now on, maybe think about a subject for a week and then write an article about.

Also, our controllers and bean bag chair are coming so I will spend more time playing. I can’t wait! I like this isolation thing, more time for gaming and drawing. Today I made Salmon and Broccoli, and for dinner I will make Instant soup. I want soup and because Gaby doesn’t eat, this version is easier for me. I am so happy for my bean bag chair, I can’t wait to read on it, and just stay on it. I wanted one all my life. Also my watercolors are coming, I can’t wait to test the travel brush. I find it fascinating that the water in in the brush. Maybe I will color a cartoon and post it here. We will see.

Have a nice afternoon!

Photo by Carissa Weiser on Unsplash

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