Afternoon Rows

Dear diary – day 23

I love my free days. Drawing, playing and cooking , all my favorite activities in one day. I have to admit this are most of my days but I am happy in every one of them. Today I am writing later because I played and watched cooking classes. Gaby’s laptop is free so I am playing on mine and watching recipes on his. I am having tea now and enjoying my afternoon.

Tonight Gaby is busy so I will read and wash my dishes, I have then on pending right now. I will also search for a movie, I wanted also popcorn but I think it’s too late to eat popcorn after 9 PM. Maybe I will eat an apple during the movie, maybe I will not because of the noise. :))

I can’t wait to have diner, I will eat chicken with broccoli and a magical wine mustard sauce. At lunch the sauce was warm and I can’t wait to see how the cold version is. I am applying what I learn one day at a time. I am making my chicken in the Cast iron, make it brown on a stove and then bake it 15 minus. I learned to put 2 garlic cloves and Thyme with the chicken in the pan. The taste is magic. I can’t wait to go and eat. I never thought I will love broccoli that much. Tomorrow I will make simple Quesadillas, maybe some poached eggs with avocado.

Have a nice afternoon!

Photo by Miguel Andrade on Unsplash

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