Afternoon Rows

Day 22 – Balcony days

My hands are full of pollen. Last week was cold so I did not write on my balcony and my table got pollen all over it . It is really nice that nature keeps its own course, the virus doesn’t bother plants, trees or bees. Animals and nature are not changing, we depend on them, not them on us.

I have a new tea, smells somehow like an old tea place we I used to go with friend. That smell takes me back to another era. I also used to smoke then and smoking was allowed indoors. I am old. The tea is nice, the taste is earthy and relaxing. I like Hibiscus and Mint and this is a combination.

I was working today so I got to practice drawing a little after work. I prefer to go outside when the sun is not directly on my because of an old allergy and because my eyes hurt so bad.

My TV show finished and I will have free afternoon so maybe I will draw more, read more. In the last 2 weeks I read before sleep but maybe I will increase the time for reading. Something magic happened today, two little birds, singing, visited my balcony today. I love to see birds, last year we had a lot of noise around here so nature didn’t come over so much. Last week two pigeons came to visit, that also made ma happy. I am glad that I am almost over because people are making noise and the sun makes me blind. I will go now and tell Gaby about the masks because they appear delivered but they are not so I don’t know what he will decide to do. Next week masks are mandatory so we need them but sometimes delivery is sooooooo frustrating in Germany.

Have a nice afternoon!!!

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