Afternoon Rows

Day 20 – exiled in the bedroom

I am writing from my bed because I got exiled by my husband. He was in a meeting and I was crying my eyes out because I was finishing a TV series. After he made sure that I was not crying because something bad happened, he politely asked me to go in the bedroom because he needed to concentrate. I think that sometimes living with me is not a piece of cake because, 5 minutes before breaking in tears, I was happy coloring and drawing and being excited with my new crayons.

Today Gaby’s PC came so maybe this weekend we will make a game session. Also my crayons came and they are amazing!!! I found a new type of drawing exercises and I really enjoy them. I am also coloring the pasterns just for fun, makes me feel zen.

I feel so sleepy after all that crying, but I want to do some yoga and wash my hair before the TV show starts. We are trying to eat less, for me is a little difficult because we are not eating sugar, but it is not healthy to get so much weight in such a short time. When the quarantine started, I also started to eat sugar in big quantities after 2 months of no sugar. I thought maybe the quarantine will be short, I was trying to be optimistic about it, but when I saw that the time frame is getting bigger and bigger, I started to eat healthy again. Let’s hope for the best. I will go soon in the living room to put some stuff in their place. Sadly, it is too cold to write outside, it is sunny but really cold.

See you tomorrow !

Photo by Bekir Dönmez on Unsplash

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