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New day, new news – Day 19

From the 27th of April, masks will be mandatory in Bavaria. I have already 4 in our Amazon basket because I believe I will also go back to work in 2-3 weeks. I also want a bean bag chair for our future gaming session but there are so many models that I am really confused. Tomorrow the crayons will arrive and I am really excited to receive them.

Tomorrow I will draw more after work because I still have to read the cartoon book. I am proud of my evolution and I have to also read more in the book, I am drawing from YouTube and also from the book. Maybe I will get a drawing tablet if I will decide if I will use it. Looks fun, I want to learn to draw characters.

I think I will draw more today, staying on the couch is really boring and don’t want to read anymore, I like reading when I go to sleep, makes my insomnia go away. I will also make my exercises today because starting from today I am not buying sweets anymore. We are trying to loose weight, after Easter we have Santa body, not beach body… Beach body is useless this year.

I have to get skin protection cream for my balcony afternoons. Instead beach body I will have balcony body this year . Maybe next year I will have my cocktail on an island, reading near the pool. I miss our cruise 3 years ago. Aww, we will have our 3 years anniversary this May. Since 3 years ago, we did not have a big holiday, only city breaks. I will continue to make my own cocktails and dream about Africa and the ocean. Someday I will read this and laugh, but maybe next year.

Have nice afternoon!

Photo by Karim MANJRA on Unsplash

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