Afternoon Rows

Dear diary 17

Tomorrow is the Orthodox Easter so today I was cooking all day. I will not draw today because I am really tired, but still happy. I will post some pictures below.

I skipped lunch today,I will just enjoy dinner. I am sleepy and I think I will nap a little today. I feel that I am not in the mood for anything, This morning I wrote my pages and then went to the shop to buy some last minute items. Our menu is simple: traditional eggs, a salad , shawarma, cheesecake and another type of cheesecake. I am so excited I am done.

Last night we watched two movies with the new speakers and it was really nice. Tonight we will watch ”Despicable me” and I think I will also make some popcorn to feel more like visiting a Cinema.

Happy Easter everyone!

Cheesecake side view :))

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