Afternoon Rows

Day 16 – Bullshit!

Today I had no idea about what to write, but a half an hour ago I found what to write about.

I saw a lady saying on TV that we should stop saying that we are happy in isolation because this is putting pressure on the people that are unhappy at home. Why? Why should I stop saying that I am happy just because you can’t stay with your own thoughts or choices? I feel like this society is going crazy, we should all be the same and have no different opinion. We should all stop expressing because another category is being offended out of nowhere.

I understand all the problems related to racism and discrimination but I do not think that we should all stop because some people are too sensitive. This type of society will make as an army of robots. I don’t want measure all my words because I believe in the liberty of speech.

Photo by Andrew Bui on Unsplash

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