Afternoon Rows

Dear diary 15

I wanted to write outside but it’s not warm enough. It’s sunny but not balcony weather. I am drinking mineral water with lemon and wanted to stay in the sun. I will go and read after, if the sun will come because right now looks cloudy.

I was working today so I only had time to sketch a few cartoon characters. I am starting to enjoy this type of art. I am learning and I am also amazed that my hand is cooperating. Since I was little, I had a big imagination but my hand didn’t want to listen. This was a huge source of frustration and struggle but things seem to get better 🙂 . I am excited that my new crayons will come on Tuesday.

I can’t wait until tomorrow, I am free so I will clean and draw. I am still waiting to finish what I wrote last week maybe tomorrow will be the day.

Photo by Sergey Zolkin on Unsplash

For dinner I will make pancakes and after dinner I will take a long bath. I have to do my exercises before, my knee bothered me today so maybe I should take a break. I am happy we have Nutella for pancakes. Yesterday we has Salad for dinner, I really hate Salads. They look so nice and stuff but we are not Salad people. I do not know how I will loose weight without salads but we are in quarantine so I’d rather be happy than home and depressed.

Have a nice afternoon and see you tomorrow!

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