Afternoon Rows

Dear diary 14

Today I was working so I didn’t have too much free time but I am really happy that I bought a book about drawing cartoons : The Cartoonist’s Big Book of Drawing Animals (Christopher Hart’s Cartooning). He has also YouTube tutorials and they work hand in hand. I’ve already done one and I am so proud of it. I had no time to write today, except the morning pages but maybe on Friday I will write.

Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash

I’ve started to read my Morning pages, first volume. It is already an year since I started writing in the morning and I have to admit that I am impressed. I am always nervous when I read what I’ve wrote so this is making me feel more comfortable.

For dinner I will make Caprese salad with avocado, we are taking a break from all the meat, until Friday. I will start to cook for Easter on Saturday, so I can finish on time. I went already to buy chocolate so I am relaxed regarding this. I also have painted eggs for Easter day. I hope I will find fresh raspberries, those are really important for the desert.

Have a good afternoon and enjoy family time!

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