Afternoon Rows

Dear diary 12

Today I was sleeping late again. Tomorrow I will work so I hope I will be able to wake up at 8 or 9 AM. I was writing a really short story today. I am happy with it and I saw that I am writing better from the balcony. Right now I am writing from my table because outside is too windy. I was writing my short story and it was so windy that my laptop moved a little.

I have to wash the dishes. My burgers looked amazing last night, I had a photo session for them. I really hope that the burgers from today will be also good. I will also make a fruit salad because I have some fruits left from the tarts.

My ears hurt from the headphones, I have to change them tomorrow at work. I think they just go numb from wearing them all day. When I write, I like to isolate myself and enjoy the silence. I can’t wait to watch Asia express with my husband on the couch, maybe have some wine and some pistachio.

I do not want to start the dishes but I will do it fast anyway. I am just procrastinating. What is interesting and I just realized is that I am not procrastinating art anymore. I did my drawing and also wrote until now so I believe this is a big step. I hope tomorrow I will be free from work and maybe draw a little. I want to start a character drawing class.

Have a nice afternoon!

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