Afternoon Rows, Random questions of life

Dear diary 11 or which is the symbol for the soul?

Today my mind was really crowded. I had a wonderful sleep which helped me a lot to put my ideas in order. I had a wonderful discussion with a former colleague last night about the freedom you find when you live for yourself.

We shared ideas and life experiences, how the life becomes bearable when you release yourself and become you instead of a mix of the ideas of others. The pressure goes away and you can start living beautifully, in art and creation. Creativity is now like food for me. I like to do something things that cultivate the energy daily. Last night I’ve started a short story I guess. I do not know where the story line will take me. I saw that I still have some personal issues that are still bleeding inside, I will take care of them as soon as possible.

Today, after a lot of Tedx videos and a lot on interior search, I have managed to make a drawing about unleashing of the soul. I feel like is more there to search, I will try to extend the idea. I do not feel that I have found the perfect illustration of the unleashing.

Today is also Easter in Germany so I have finally finished the tarts. I am proud of the work I’ve made, the results are more than I expected. It helped a lot the video that was guiding me all the way but still. They do not look perfect as I did not have the correct pan for tarts but they look unique. Because I woke up late, until I finished the morning pages and have my tea, we had breakfast at lunch time and we will have lunch for dinner. Soon I will go and start the burger meet and leave it in the fridge for an hour. I played all afternoon so I also have to wash dishes and other domestic things.

I hope you are also enjoying this time of social break, trying to go more inside and redecorate your mind and soul.

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