Afternoon Rows

Dear diary 10

Today I am really tired. I have been cooking all day and last night I was reading until 3 AM. I made my French tart today, I am really proud. It is not perfect because I did not have the normal tart pan but the Iron cast did ok.

I am so happy, I have a lot of fruits to put on it, it gets me so excited and so tired from the happiness. I was a little worried for the tart but it is my second tart ever.

I will make some pictures tomorrow. I bought the eggs colored and boiled this year, I did not want to expose myself and others searching for the egg colors. After the rows, I will go back to my book ”Gabriel’s Promise” by Sylvain Reynard. I am a huge fan, I read all the other 3 volumes. Last night I read around 90 pages, I am a little sad I am finishing it so fast but I can’t wait for more.

This is an easy, relaxing read, exactly what I needed after the last book. My mind is still processing the last book. I love the impact it had on myself. I want to write short stories, I will try to write one or two with my memories from out trips. We really enjoy traveling and remember the times from our trips.

I will try this, just as an exercise, maybe next week, I feel tired this week. I still have to put together the Deviled eggs but after I will read a little in the sun. I have no idea what to eat for dinner, I had all my energy focused om what to make tomorrow that I forgot. Maybe I will bake some sandwiches, it is fast and delicious.

I find it funny that I wrote so much because before I did not even wanted to write today. I was thinking last night that if I read my morning pages and the blog, I can trace what I did in a specific day. I think is really useful, especially in this period, when is really complicated to remember the isolation days. Cooking and drawing help me remember a specific day, which is great.

This is all for today, have a nice afternoon!

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

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