Afternoon Rows

Dear diary 9

I can’t think about a new title. Today is a little windy but is fine, the temperature is still warm. Today Gaby was free so we spend the day together playing and we also had lunch on the balcony. It was really nice, almost felt like dinner in a garden. I will also upload the photo here.

I did not cook anything fancy, some adapted Chinese food with beef and rice. I had wine and Gaby juice I believe. For dinner I will make some French Fries with green salad. I am getting excited for tomorrow because I will do my french tart. I’ve finished the French Pastry Masterclass and I am looking forward to that. I will also make small meatballs for the appetizers on Friday, I can’t wait.

I have spend the afternoon playing WOW, I feel like I need a break from drawing, I have to wait that moment when I will know what I should do next. It is so nice to just stay and enjoy, I really love playing. My upstairs neighbors are making noise so I am just praying that they will not wash the balcony. Last time they washed it wrong and the water was on my windows. I hope this will not happen because the windows are freshly clean so I don’t want to cry.

This is all for today, I hope I will have time to write tomorrow.

Have a nice afternoon!

Photo by Eric Heininger on Unsplash

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