Afternoon Rows

Dear diary 8

Today we have Mojito in the Menu. It is almost virgin, I did not put a lot a Rum because I want to have bubble bath after and I don’t want to fall asleep in the bathroom. I do not need a lot of alcohol to feel sleepy.

Photo by Melissa Walker Horn on Unsplash

I feel a little emotional, I have a new nephew today. Somehow I feel confused because I really don’t know when we will be able to go and meet him. Let’s hope that in December we will be able to travel again.

This year me and my husband decided to celebrate both Catholic and Orthodox Easter, so this morning I made the menus in order to be organised. I am looking forward to making a Fruit Tart, maybe I will make some nice pictures. I have also started a Masterclass in French Pastry in order to improve my tart.

The sun is coming, I can feel the warmth on my fingers while typing. I like it when the sun is shy and doesn’t look directly at me. I am a little allergic so I am trying to avoid standing directly in the sun now, when the sun is getting stronger. Today I had to go to the dentist and Easter food shopping and I applied sun cream because the warmth is stronger and stronger.

I think I will have my bubble bath and watch the Masterclass in the same time. I am tired of Netflix and YouTube. I just saw that both of my drawings are published on the Contest hashtags and I am so excited to show my art. I am also glad I am showing what I have on my mind on a daily basis.

It is so funny how me and my neighbors developed a habit and we meet everyday on the balcony. We only say ”Hello” but is really nice how we all developed this habit of having a tea or a coffee on the afternoon, in the sun.

I am glad I’ve walked a little today but my feet hurt and I can’t wait to stay on the couch and probably nap a little.

Have a nice afternoon!

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