Afternoon Rows

Dear diary 7

This is starting to feel as a habit. I am so happy for this.I am on my balcony again, waiting for the sun. My body hurts so bad, it seems that washing windows is not something that I should do again soon. I am just kidding, I was also making some hard exercises so I guess everything added up.

Today I am so proud of myself. I signed up for two drawing competition. I do not know if I will win or even be in top 3, but I am just excited to compete. It is something new for me, I used to be so shy about showing my art. If I think again, I would have been shy about showing my writing too. This is amazing, One year can change you a lot if you give yourself time and the chance to grow.

”The artist’s way” helped me a lot but I have to admit that I was not a perfect student. I worked on the book for two weeks and then I took a pause for a year ( last week I’ve finished it). The only thing that I kept every day were the pages. I wrote Morning Pages no matter how good I felt. I think I missed one month all together when we went to Romania and our short trips. My surprise was that during this year I have solved all the problems with myself, the ones that were also in the book. I was so surprised to find this out.

Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash

I have green hair and a tattoo that I wanted since forever. I am embracing my inner artist, I am accepting this energy and use it everyday. This break helped me, I am sure I will keep this good habits after the isolation. I am starting to love this writing thing, maybe I will look for a writing part time job. I used to do that 10 years ago.

Today I ”went” to work, in my kitchen, so not to much happened. I am just feeling happy everyday that I quit smoking and that I made peace with myself. This helps me be creative and just be a happy person. Our state of mind has an impact on every relationship that we have in our life. Once you are in peace with yourself, you are in peace with the world.

Have a nice afternoon, use this time to bring peace in your soul!

Photo by Faye Cornish on Unsplash

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