Afternoon Rows

Dear diary 6

I am starting to love this part of the day. Today I have a Cuba Libre with me, I finished work and I am just enjoy the rest of my day. I’ve already done my drawing lessons and I think I will skip exercises today, after yesterday’s cleaning, I can’t move. I will make a photo with my drink.

I am still waiting for the sun and I am a little sad. I think my Parsley will die, doesn’t look so good and I do not understand why. I put water normal, it should be OK. Let’s hope that the fresh air will make it good again.

I like my drink but I am tired of the artificial sugar, I feel like Coke drinks does not taste the same. I will make some french fries with same cabbage salad, I am trying to eat better soon. Today I went food shopping and I did not buy sweets anymore. I feel better that I do not crave them anymore. I know my jeans still fit but I do not want to get out of shape.

I just love our date in the afternoon, I feel like I am closing the day and letting it all out, get relaxed and enjoy a fun afternoon. I will watch Asia Express and enjoy a good wine. I bought a Merlot, before I had sparkly wine , so I just felt like I need a really classic glass of wine.

I am sooooo happy, I am really enjoying this work from home. I was thinking about taking the train to work. I don’t miss it. I love my husband and this work from home is a really good exercise to see if you are in the right relationship. We are not always rainbows and butterflies but I feel like I can stay isolated with him forever. I think the respect we have for each other and for our personal space is a really important factor. I have to go now.

Have a nice afternoon!

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