Afternoon Rows

Diary diary 4

I think I am starting to develop a new habit. The afternoon pages seem to work. I backed cookies all afternoon, I tried to read, but my mind seemed fussy. This is how I felt when I forgot the Morning Pages. I am really impressed about this, maybe it will help me keep my mind free. I can write my afternoon pages on the subway when I will restart going to the office. I feel so excited!

I baked Grandmas cookies last night and today, I am trying to perfect the recipe and improvise with other fillings , like cheesecake and raspberry for example. I knew this recipe for years, but never had the courage to try it. I felt really flattered when my husband told me he is impressed with my results, especially because it was my first try ever. I will post 3 photos below.

I tried to paint them but that kinda failed. After that, i just had fun with my cookies. They are so easy to make, I will also post the recipe in the following days. I will draw now, sports and maybe a bubble bath.

Enjoy your day!

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