Afternoon Rows

Entry 3

Today I woke up so bored. I was lucky I had food from yesterday, so I just mopped around the house all day. I also played some poker and on my phone.

After 2:00 PM, we played Catan Online with Gaby’s brother and that made me feel more ”fun”. I finished the book, I signed up for “The artist’s way” on Facebook and now I am writing this blog post on my balcony, standing in the sun. I just love this sooooo much! It is also a good feeling, I can feel the warmth.

Photo by Federica Giusti on Unsplash

I am planning to draw and make my late night sport. Tomorrow I will move on my balcony, the have announced a lot of sun so I will just stay and saw, maybe write or just enjoy the warmth. After 5:00 PM, I will be sun bathing. I cannot explain how happy this makes me.

Enjoy your day! Stop mopping around 🙂 !

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